Integrus Explained

Integrus Toolkit ™ is a unique software application available on a wide variety of platforms supporting planning in the office, operations in the field and reporting via the web and smart devices. It is regularly updated based on industry best practices and standards. No other application supports integrated Flange Management and Pressure Testing.

Robust System

Designed to support projects with an excess of 100,000 joints

Software Integrated

Integration with scheduling software such as P6 or MS Project


Multi-language support for Work Instructions, Completion Certificates and other reports

Data Import

Import data directly from 3D model, underlying database or MS Excel load sheets

Unique Bolt Calculator

Features a PCC-1 calculations module

Document Management

Interoperable with third-party document management systems and CMMS such as Livelink , SAP or Maximo

Real Time Data Capture

Handhelds capture flange work-scope information in the field in real time

Mobile System

Handhelds capture vital information before and after execution of pipework tests

Integrated Database

Integrated database includes valves and hoses

Data Capture

Includes fabric maintenance campaigns capturing data relating to flanges, pipes, pipe supports, temporary repairs and penetrations

Web Portal

Real time reporting via web portal

Test Enabled

Capture test pack information whilst marking up the P&IDs producing packs in a standardised but configurable format


This technology allows one or more databases to be kept in synch with each other. It can be deployed in the following scenarios:

  • Various distributed servers required to keep their individual databases in synch with a central HQ server
  • Two or more remote sites required to keep their databases in synch with each other
  • A laptop is removed from the network to be used in the field and then writes its data back when a suitable connection is available

Data Hosting - A Fair and flexible price model

MTEC do not charge for Data Hosting on a per-flange basis. The package will reflect our hosting and management costs. You own your data and can request this at any time FOC.

PCC-1 Bolting Calculator

MTEC's Bolting Calculator offers an option to adopt PCC-1 guidelines for determination of Bolt stress, focussing on Joint Component Condition, with the following features:

  • From Inputs the calculator will determine the recommended Bolt stress (Torque or Tension) to provide optimum gasket pressure for joint integrity
  • All critical component stress levels are then displayed
  • The calculator will allow the user to adjust bolt stress as desired
  • Any adjustment to the bolt stress by the user will be reflected by chang- es in the gasket and flange stress values
  • User can reset to original calculator selected bolt stress
  • Torque or Tension values are then displayed with a record of any user adjustment to calculator selection without additional cost.

Gasket Stresses

Setting / Make Up

175 MPa

Test Condition

113 MPa

Operating Condition

148 MPa MPa

Bolt Stress

Flange Stress

Operating Condition

195 MPa

Why Integrus?

Integrus is evolving to take on an increasing amount of additional pipeline services. With a vast and constantly expanding track record in diverse projects from construction through to commissioning and operations, MTEC are committed to regularly providing new functionality and also building bespoke user-driven customisations.

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