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Flange Management and
Electronic Test-pack Software

Integrus Max is the global standard software system for integrated flange management, leak testing and additional pipeline and process services.

Integrus Max delivers cost-savings, avoiding joint repair and system retests while promoting handover of multilingual information to support safe continued operation.

Deployed by major service companies and operators, Integrus Max is supported globally across project phases from pre-engineering, construction, commissioning and operations.

Integrus Max core features include; controlled bolting, flange management, leak testing, hydro testing and purge packs.

Featuring seamless integration between flange management & leak testing modules, Integrus Max utilises an industry proven database of flange and clamp connections.

Additionally, data can be captured using ATEX zone 1 handhelds.
Integrus Max is easily customisable to support service lines and can be tailored to meet client specific project requirements.

What is Integrus?

Integrus Toolkit TM is a unique software application available on a wide variety of platforms supporting planning in the office, operations in the field and reporting via the web and smart devices. No other application supports integrated Flange Management and Pressure Testing.

Integrus Features

  • Promotes safe working practices through the handover of critical information
  • Fully auditable database supports the asset throughout the entire life cycle from engineering to operations
  • Increase efficiency with reduced man-hours and associated costs
  • Single source of truth comprising drawings, pipework components and their full operational history
  • Software can easily and rapidly be tailored and developed to meet new requirements and integrate with existing business systems
  • Improve accuracy using a proven database
  • Handhelds capture information in real time meaning information is available earlier and without costs and potential errors involved in re-keying from paper copies

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