June 16th, 2020

MTEC are delighted to launch Integrus Max

For controlled bolting and flange management service providers, bolting equipment OEMs and resellers, for integrated Flange Management and Pipeline and Process Test Packs. Integrus Max features include:

ASME PCC-1 Calculator – use PCC-1 process optionally for new applications, PCC-1 analysis for existing torque figures

New Drawing Editor supporting switchable layers, overlays. Designed and build for extension. This replaces an external component with MTEC’s new web technologies based drawing editor.

Multiple Screen Support – extend Integrus windows across multiple screens for improved data management. Separate windows include Calculator, Drawing Edit, Register and Information panels

Closer Integration between Flange Management and Testing underpins new planning dashboards and Work Order Tracking feature. Track Witness Joints, Joints not allocated to a Leak Test or Reverse Integrity test and operational status of Joints and Test Packs. Hyperlink to relevant registers filtered by Tracker Items.

Switch User Interface view between supported design Themes. Customise existing and create your own.

For further information or to request a trial, please contact integrus@mtecsoftware.com

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